GamesDhoom:3 The Game's sequel makes its debut on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha

Dhoom:3 The Game’s sequel makes its debut on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha

Dhoom:3 The Game’s sequel which has been named Jet Speed has been created for the third installment of the namesake Indian action thriller backed by Yash Raj Films. As the movie gets ready to hit theaters in China after its successful run in other countries across the world, the game’s unveiling at this time is an opportunistic move to keep the publicity flowing, though it does have some good things going for it.

Mobile game studio 99Games Online, has developed Dhoom:3 Jet Speed for Yash Raj Films (YRF) and also boasts of being the force behind titles like The Jim & Frank Mysteries, Wordsworth and Million Dollar Arm Game. The first installment of the YRF-backed game was apparently downloaded by over 12 million fans from across the world. The latest one has seen a much more modest number of takers on Android since it was released on June 25, at the time of publishing this post.

Dhoom:3 Jet Speed

The previous game was set on the streets of Chicago and now the Dhoom:3 sequel is played out in an entirely different environment for which you’ll need to put your on wetsuit. That’s right, the title will have you jetting down the Chicago river, evading ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan’s character), Ali (Uday Chopra’s avatar) and a bunch of cops, since you will be stepping into the boots of anti-hero Sahir (played by Aamir Khan in the movie).

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We won’t say any more apart from mentioning that the graphics are fairly decent and the game is a free download; so it can’t hurt to try it. Race to this link on the 99Games page in case you want to get Dhoom:3 The Game’s Jet Speed sequel on your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Nokia Asha smartphone.

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