Desi Chumbak Stickers hit Facebook, available now on web and Messenger

Stickers with different phrases and expressions have been around for a while now, but they may not have appealed to a certain set of people who prefer to communicate in the local lingo. So it looks like a company that goes by the name of Chumbak has paid heed to this and has launched the very desi Chumbak Stickers for Facebook that have phrases and slang that people from the country use a lot.

Instead of saying hello, you can simply send a sticker to one of your friends that says ‘Oye’ and if someone’s been bugging you with something you are simply not interested in, just tell them once and for all that, ‘bheja mat kha.’ And these are just some of the examples. You can wish people or greet them in your favorite street lingo from now onwards using pictures you can see below.

Chumbak Stickers

The Chumbak Studio revealed these stickers through its Facebook page and has also announced that they are now available to be downloaded. You can use them on the web, Messenger as well as the Facebook applications for Android and iOS. And what’s more, they are absolutely free.

In case you do not know how to get to the sticker store, allow us to tell you. Open a chat window and click on the smiley face that says ‘choose an emoticon’ when you hover the mouse over it. As soon as you click, a new small window opens with a basket placed on the upper right hand side corner. Click on it and hit the ‘free’ button to download them.

Do try the Facebook Chumbak Stickers and get back to us with your views and opinions on these Indian expressions.