Dendroid malicious software is targeting Android phones in India: CERT-In

A malicious software called Dendroid has been doing the rounds of the digital space in India and affects the Android-based mobile devices, says Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). If the organization is to be believed, the malware can be extremely dangerous as it allows the attacker to remotely control the affected phone.

The warning should be taken seriously considering that a huge number of devices in India are based on the Android platform. These phones form about 90 percent of the total mobile devices in the country. According to CERT-In, this toolkit basically Trojanizes applications and creates malware by altering the required permissions using Dendroid RAT.

Android Phone

Gadgets infected with this malware can easily be managed remotely, thus making it easier for hackers to get access to sensitive data. Apparently, this malicious software makes it possible for an attacker to delete call logs, open random applications, upload images and videos on the web, open web pages, dial numbers, intercept messages, record calls and audio and a lot of other things.

In order to avoid falling prey to Dendroid, CERT-In has suggested that users should not install applications from untrusted sources. So make sure that you only download apps from a recognized app store to keep your device safe from such attacks.