AppsDelhi Traffic Police launches app for commuters

Delhi Traffic Police launches app for commuters

A Delhi Traffic Police app has been driven into Google Play Store for commuters using Android handsets, leading us to ask the question ‘What about Mumbai?’ Try reporting an errant auto driver in the commerce capital of India and you’ll see that Mumbai’s still got a crappy, practically defunct RTO website for the same.

We failed to get responses about numerous reports we made against fare refusal by auto drivers and didn’t receive so much as an automated message about these issues being lined up for perusal in spite of leaving our email ID when registering our grievances. Let’s hope the Delhi Traffic Police app turns out to serve a more practical purpose than just act as another gimmick to let authorities pretend they’re addressing commuter issues.

Delhi Traffic Police app

The application provides users with traffic alerts (we assume this could involve notifications about accidents, road blocks or jams) and advisories. You can get into a taxi, auto-rickshaw or radio cab and refer to this tool in case the speed at which the meter is moving looks dodgy. A provision has also been made for direct calls to emergency numbers if the need arises.

There’s an option to easily lodge complaints about overcharging, harassment or misbehavior on the part of auto/cab drivers too. You shouldn’t be parking illegally, but if you do find that your vehicle has been towed away by traffic cops because you ended up doing so, the app can show you the location of the nearest towing pit where it is likely to be found.

The Google Play Store is hosting the Delhi Traffic Police app right here. It can be downloaded for free and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3.3 or higher.

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