Date range option included in advanced search on Twitter

Searching for tweets has become even more simple, now that Twitter has added the date range option in its advanced search. So if you are looking for a tweet from a particular day, it will be easy to search, thanks to the new feature.

Up until now, there wasn’t a specific feature that could show you your posts on the microblogging site from a particular day. But now advanced search settings have been loaded with it. The guys over at TechCrunch who were one of the first few people to have noticed the change, say that the feature always existed, but required a tedious procedure to be carried out. We are not surprised to know that most people had no idea about this function.

Twitter Date Range Option

So to make things a bit easier, the Dates tab has been added to the advanced search settings and ‘from’ and ‘to’ sections have been clearly specified. A calendar has been added to each of the sections so you can easily select the period. This could come in handy when you really want to find out a particular tweet that you posted last weekend or on Christmas or your birthday for that matter.

The date range option has already gone live and you can visit this link to see how it works.