CyberLink and MasterImage shows glass-free Auto-Stereo 3D for Android

Cyberlink MasterImage 3D Enjoying 3D movies and games sans annoying glasses may be on the wish-list of many. CyberLink and MasterImage 3D have exhibited the Auto-Stereo 3D solutions which claims to make 3D viewing delightful without the use of glasses on Android-powered handsets.

The patented Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier used by MasterImage 3D in mobile displays with a ‘cell-gap’ method helps projecting a clear image and reduces the ‘ghosting’ effect for images of a better quality. This technology easily switches with orientation of the screen and is compatible with display technologies like OLED, PDP, TFT et al.

“We are delighted to work closely with MasterImage 3D on the auto-stereo 3D technology integration with PowerDVD for Android,” quoted Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “We are excited about the growing market opportunity for watching 3D movies and digital content without the need for special glasses, which delivers more convenient and innovative 3D movie experience on Android platform.”

The PowerDVD for Android smartphones by CyberLink allows 3D viewing of content ranging from apps, movies, photos, games and more.

“User-Generated Content and blockbuster Hollywood movies will be ground-breaking applications fueling the widespread adoption of mobile 3D. Our cooperation with CyberLink creates the ultimate 3D viewing experience,” guarantees Roy Taylor, EVP and GM of 3D Display at MasterImage 3D. “We are delighted to leverage CyberLink’s flagship PowerDVD with our industry-defining Cell Parallax 3D solutions.”

The Auto-Stereo 3D solutions of CyberLink and MasterImage 3D were demonstrated at Computex this year.