Cyanogen all geared up incorporate caller ID app Truecaller into its default dialpad

Cyanogen has announced that it has joined forces with Truecaller which is one of the most popular global directory services for mobile. And through this partnership, the company will be bringing called ID capabilities to its smartphones sans the need for users to install any app from the Play store.

So basically, if you already have the Truecaller application installed, you’ll see a very similar experience when it comes preloaded with the Cyanogen OS. However, a lot of the features including the caller ID, spam filter and more will be integrated into the native dialer itself. These enhancements will be rolled out in the next dialer release and will also be seen in future products.

Cyanogen Truecaller Features

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For those new to Truecaller, it is a multi-platform global search company that has a user-base of over 100 million. Not only does it allow you to identify callers and get other information like location and network provider of the source, but also offers you spam filters and an easy way to block specific numbers.

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Cyanogen notes that such capabilities fit well into its goal of ‘giving users control and putting the ‘personal’ back into mobile computing.’ And for those who chose this OS for the pure Android experience it offers and aren’t really fond of having preloaded content, the company notes that they will be able to easily uninstall the app without much hassle.

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As mentioned above, Truecaller features will be integrated into the Cyanogen OS on all future phones. Current devices such as the OnePlus One and Yu Yureka will have access to the new enhancements through a future OTA update, but there’s no word on when the firmware will be released.

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