Cute Vinyl Android Figurines make the way

Android Figurines

Glimpsing over it for sure makes two words come out – ‘how cute’. Agreed, the latest offering is delightfully pretty and dainty, softening every eye’s control to get engaged to it. Artist Andrew Bell of Dyzplastic and Google have recently teamed up to turn Android’s mascot into a goofy little vinyl figurine, reports the Dyzplastic blog.

Bringing that wee-sized green mascot to life, the cute ‘mini collectables series 1’ features 12 different designs in blind-boxed cases of 16. These adorable units are shaped like everyone’s favorite little Android and will be ‘blind-boxed’. Little unfortunately, users won’t know which one they’ve got until they’ve opened it. Pick up a few and try the luck, or grab a whole case to secure a nearly-full set.

Each vinyl figure stands 3-inch tall and features a rotating head and arms.

Series 1 will be available later this month. The pricing details are kept under the wraps for now. Better stay tuned to know more about these attractive figurines.