GamesCreebies Mobile Game introduced for Nokia N-Gage

Creebies Mobile Game introduced for Nokia N-Gage

Creebies Mobile Game For N-Gage

Nokia has now introduced a new mobile game called Creebies which will be available on the N-Gage mobile phone.

Creebies offers a world of virtual pet-care. Thus the pet is never left alone. The N-Gage mobile game service provides the player an individual 3D Creebi so the player can take care for entertain, feed and even breed.

The player is supplied with a trailer and some virtual cash. Thus the player can customize a new friend home with various accessories. In a little while, the 3D pet takes on its own personality and appearance based on the attention Creebi receives.

As care is taken of Creebi the pet grows and becomes more independent. However, the player has to keep a watch on its health meters which will tell the player whether he is hungry or feeling ill.

“Nokia Games Publishing has brought a quirky game to N-Gage that appeal to all ages,” commented Dr. Mark Ollila, Director of Technology and Strategy and Head of Games Publishing, Nokia.

He further added, “With Creebies anyone can have the pleasure of owning a pet without the trouble of cleaning up the mess.”

The players Creebi can also interact with other Creebies through Bluetooth connectivity. Thus then they can play games together or even breed. Players can show their newborns to others or even send them to new homes through the Adoption Center in the N-Gage Arena.

This mobile game Creebies is expected to be made available in early 2008.

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