Crackle for Windows Phone makes its debut, available for free

Crackle For Windows Phone

After targeting a number of platforms, the Crackle for Windows Phone app is finally available and as expected, it can be picked up for free. So whether a popular TV soap or an unseen movie, it offers both without any extra charges.

In order to take advantage of this application, all users need to do is download it to their device from the Marketplace. Unlike Hulu Plus, it doesn’t need a separate subscription or utility fee. This tool provides access to a host of uncut Hollywood movies such as Pineapple Express, Big Daddy, Joe Dirt and Panic Room, amongst others.

For those who make a fuss about missing a favorite TV series, it is said to deliver full-length episodes of over a thousand soaps including Seinfeld, Spider-Man, The Three Stooges and much more, ranging from genres like action to comedy to crime to horror and more. Anime series such as Blue Exorcist, Blood + and Fist of the North Star are also available through the application.

Crackle App

With roughly 20 new movies and TV episodes added every month, the app presents itself as a platform for users to build and manage their Watchlist in order to view content on it or online via As WMPoweruser points out, this particular software permits HQ video streaming over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. As of now, it is available for download only in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

The Crackle for Windows Phone app can be picked via the Windows Phone Store for free, as mentioned earlier.