AppleContact Hero iPhone App unfurled

Contact Hero iPhone App unfurled

Contact Hero App

True as the day is long that iPhone apps have been releasing day in, day out. This time, Spacemonkey Mike has proclaimed the general availability of ‘Contact Hero App’ – an extremely fast way to exchange contact and social information on the market.

Designed for social butterflies and business networkers, the app sports a world class user interface and features a streamlined input process with the ability to immediately follow up with anything from Linkedn profile to Twitter and MySpace via SMS and email. Users can now happily browse new friends including their meeting time and Facebook profiles.

Besides, the Contact Hero app facilitates fast exchange of social information including phone numbers and emails. By trading social graphs, users can access public profile information about their new friends, such as who they are, what they do, who they know, in addition to sending friend requests. Emerging as a user experience solution for an everyday problem, the app works with any recipient phone.

Further, with the help of Contact Hero, more face to face contacts are replaced by online interactions. The app includes a fully customizable follow up template letting users include as much or as little about themselves as possible. In addition, users can exchange contacts universally and exchange social information including phone number, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The new Contact Hero app is now up for grabs at the Apple App Store.

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