CompuExpert sculpts Wow-keys keyboard for iPhone

CompuExpert Wow-keys

CompuExpert is all set to provide iPhone owners the ability to basically transform their trusty handsets into a mini functional notebook of sorts. The company has now officially unveiled Wow-keys, a full-size QWERTY keyboard crafted especially for the iPhone.

Manufactured by Omnio Technologies, this new keyboard is touted to efficiently bridge the gap between the iPhone and Mac or PC computer. It features laptop-like soft keys to enable quick and comfortable text input to the iPhone. Users can also employ their dainty mobile phones as a number-pad and like a multi-touch pad for inputting commands to PC or Mac.

Ammar Adra, president of CompuExpert. commented, “The iPhone is portable and powerful, but entering or extracting a lot of data can be awkward and time-consuming. The Wow-keys gives your smartphone access to the power and multitasking capabilities of the computer, and lets your computer take advantage of many of the cool iPhone apps.”

The keyboard powers up the iPhone via USB charging as well as synchronizes the handset with iTunes. It further provides a button for direct switching between PC and iPhone mode. The innovative device allows quick execution of common functions by including 12 iPhone hotkeys. The peripheral is noted to pack in supports for Mac, Windows and iOS 4.x OS.

The Wow-keys full-size QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone is slated to the hit store shelves on May 24, 2011 at a tentative price of $99.99.