GeneralClothes to cure the smartphone addiction you're hiding, turns your handset into a dumb phone

Clothes to cure the smartphone addiction you’re hiding, turns your handset into a dumb phone

Smartphone addicts, do yourselves a favor and maybe take a look at this line of clothes which can block radio frequency signals and prevent your handset from disturbing you at all times. Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga, has created the Focus: Life Gear by Trident to stop your gadget from bombarding you with updates at all times.

We’re in an age where smart devices are constantly keeping users busy with calls to messages to social network updates and so on. Bet you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing the majority of passersby bending over their handsets or tablets, eyes glued to their screens.

Kunihiko Morinaga Collection

If you find yourself unable to resist taking a look at your mobile device each time it buzzes, Morinaga’s new clothes may be able to cure that smartphone addiction. They are constructed out of a certain material that stops electromagnetic waves from passing to or from your gadget. So each time you slide it into a pocket, it’s as good as dead. The same way we choose special fabrics for clothing that can protect us from the wind and rain, the material which Morinaga uses is capable of blocking electromagnetic waves.

Anti-Smartphone Clothes

The designer makes a fantastically beautiful play of stitching-free methods to create his clothing line. We’re talking laser cutting, crimping fabric with the help of heat and more. Some of the parts are even glued into place instead of being attached to the main piece with stitches. The use of laser to cut out shapes means that intricate patterns can be created with extreme precision. The end results are designs with futuristic appeal, though some may find them to be a tad boring.

If you’re a smartphone addict, you’re not going to like any of the clothes from this collection. Neither will you take to them if you’re a fan of the sort of vivacious costumes Lady Gaga wears. What say you, need protection from the virtual world?

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