Clear for iPhone simplifies daily tasks with quick to-do lists

Clear iPhone App

The handy Clear for iPhone app was one among the many offerings that were showcased at the recently concluded Macworld 2012, which was held in San Francisco last week. This forthcoming application claims to simplify the user’s day to day tasks in a neat manner.

As its name suggests, Clear literally clears the clutter of tasks jotted out on the user’s Apple smartphone and displays them in a simple and sleek pattern. The Realmac blog reveals that the forthcoming software is a neatly designed app which eliminates the need of pen and paper for making daily to-do lists.

iPhone owners will be able to create a number of lists which serve as reminders to complete certain tasks. If users have to perform a bunch of routines like giving the clothes for laundry, cooking food, meeting friends, calling up people for meetings, buying groceries and other such activities, they can easily jot them down in one neat list with this app.

Clear iPhone App 01

In this way, many such lists can be created, including one for movies wherein users can note down upcoming films or make another list comprising songs to download and so on. The latest application lets iPhone owners delete finished items as well as add new ones with just a mere swipe of the finger. It is believed to be ideal for those who prefer to keep things organized and clear, literally.

Clear for iPhone is scheduled to be available on the App Store next month.