Cisco CCNA Certification and Its 200-301 Exam: What Content to Learn and Which Preparation Alternatives to Use?

cisco ccnaCCNA can be considered the core badge of the Cisco certification program, which makes it very popular. It is in high demand because it is well-reputed. CCNA has literally become a milestone, particularly, in the field of networking. There are many possibilities and benefits that you can get after getting this certificate, so let’s take a closer look at the details that you need to know.

What is CCNA certification?

So, what can you do with Cisco CCNA? Well, you can do quite a lot. The credential proves that you are knowledgeable about several network techniques, such as network address translation, IP networking, subletting, Ethernet, WAN technologies, as well as dynamic routing with the enterprise-grade routing protocols such as EIGRP and OSPF.

It also proves that you have the relevant knowledge of frequently used techniques, including VLANs and spanning tree. Most of the techniques mentioned here can be configured effectively on Cisco switches and routers. Earning the CCNA credential also makes you skilled in scaling networks and several troubleshooting scenarios.

To obtain the CCNA certificate, Cisco requires that the students pass the 200-301 exam. It is a 2-hour test with 100 questions that you need to clear with at least 825 points. Passing Cisco 200-301 and obtaining the badge is generally sufficient for most networking professionals to efficiently perform their daily management and network activities. After going through the Cisco CCNA program successfully, it also becomes a lot easier for you to configure, interpret, and troubleshoot Linux or Windows routing tables.

What are the main preparation alternatives?

The amount of material that is covered in the CCNA certification program is quite large. That is why even experienced professionals tend to find the exam challenging. Frankly speaking, taking any Cisco test is a skill in itself. So, it may be convenient to use exam dumps, official sample questions, and third-party practice tests to prepare for Cisco 200-301 and learn the much-needed test-taking skills.

All in all, there are many preparation alternatives to choose from. If you have time and if you want to give this exam all that you have, you can even combine two or more options to increase your chances. Thus, the most popular variants that the learners go for are the following:

  • Classroom-based course: It is a great way of learning the CCNA material in a professional manner under the supervision and guidance of the certified Cisco tutors in a formal classroom.
  • Online instructor-led courses: There are many tutors offering the CCNA training courses online and they organize them formally and in the same way a classroom class is conducted, only that it is done virtually.

  • Self-study: When you prefer not to sign up for any classroom-based or instructor-led course, there is also the possibility to prepare for the exam by self-study. You can use several resources along with the official e-Learning by Cisco. It contains official study materials, several practice tests, and labs.


The new version of the Cisco CCNA certification is just a few months old and it is already one of the most popular tracks that are taken by the candidates. So, earn it as soon as possible and become one of the pioneers in the networking field with this sought-after credential.