Cheap plastic iPhone 5C may give Siri a miss, to come drenched in various colors

All the rumors regarding the cheap version of the upcoming iPhone 5S, the 5C, cannot be baseless and which means that a toned down model of the smartphone is indeed in the works. But considering that Apple is planning to sell it for a lower cost, the 5C is most likely to give some features a miss, and sadly, Siri happens to be one of them.

A report on Financial Express has revealed that credible sources have suggested that the low-cost iPhone will come sans the virtual personal assistant. Thus, users who opt for this device cannot use their voice for internet searching, text messaging, placing and answering calls and a number of other tasks. By completely doing away with Siri, the OEM will definitely save a lot of money.


Furthermore, unlike the current generation iPhone that boasts of a glass exterior, the handset in question will be encased in a plastic body. And although nothing can be said about its durability, it is sure to grab a lot of eye balls as it will be splashed in some vibrant hues. As most smartphones that are currently dominating markets are made of plastic, it does not seem all that bad.

To refresh memories, the iPhone 5C will apparently sport a 4-inch display and may operate with the assistance of iOS 7. It could be loaded with 1GB of RAM and the handset can be expected to tag along an 8MP camera and a 1.9MP webcam. It may come in variants featuring 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB onboard memory.

We may not have to wait for very long to get a confirmation about the iPhone 5C as it is speculated to be unveiled some time in early September.