LGCES 2015: LG showcases new 4K OLED TVs

CES 2015: LG showcases new 4K OLED TVs

Incredibly expensive though they are, the new OLED TVs from LG which were showcased at the CES 2015 are certainly worthy of every entertainment buff’s attention. The South Korean company has unveiled seven of these at sizes ranging from 55 inches to 77 inches in 4K Ultra HD resolution at the ongoing CE show.

The LG OLED TVs may have screens of 55 inches to 77 inches; but that’s not all the variety you can expect from them. The most interesting of the lot is a crazily cool flexible 4K 3D OLED TV EG9900 of 77 inches, which lets you switch between a flat or curved screen at the press of a button. The company has also introduced a plain old curved option of the same display size that goes by the model number EG9700.

LG Flexible TV

Then there’s the LG Art Slim Unibody EF9800 TV with its superbly thin body resting on a transparent stand to make it look like it’s floating in mid-air. A similar design principle has also been followed for the 65-inch and 55-inch Floating Flat EF9500 as well as 65-inch and 55-inch Floating curved EG9600 sets. As the names suggest, the first two are flat screen TVs, while the latter pair show off curvy panels.

The TVs feature quad core processors and 4.2-channel Harman/kardon audio support. While LG may be better liked for its hardware on this front, it hasn’t stopped the company from flogging its webOS 2.0 platform intended for its smart TV lineup. As for the highlighted bits of technology that go into the brand’s 4K OLED TV series for this year, there’s its homegrown WRGB factor, the W standing for white.

An unfiltered, white sub-pixel is added to the standard red, green and blue combination for enhanced visuals and wider color representation. But the problem with OLED offerings such as these is the cost associated with them. LG’s biggest rival Samsung, doesn’t seem to think people can be persuaded to part with so much hard earned cash just for an awesome home TV and there’s definitely some truth to this.

Apart from the breathtaking LG OLED TVs of 4K resolution flaunted at the CES 2015, the G Flex 2 and an edgy new washing machine by the company, also made it to the show.

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