GoogleCellular South plans to offer Android Smartphone this year

Cellular South plans to offer Android Smartphone this year

Cellular South Android Smartphone Cellular South recently announced its plans to introduce an all new smartphone by the end of this year. The smartphone would be driven by the Android open source mobile platform.

No other details are revealed as of now. The devices that operate on the Android platform are the ones that are steadily conquering the mobile market shadowing the most popular mobile devices like the Apple iPhone.

Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer for Cellular South states, “We’re excited to provide our customers with the diversity of new and exciting applications fueled by the open nature of the Android open source platform. Our customers will be able to easily access thousands of meaningful applications that will add tremendous value to their mobile experience and lifestyle.

“At Cellular South, we do things a little differently. We take a very proactive approach in helping our customers maximize their wireless experience by becoming proficient users of our advanced services,” he added.

With the Android platform, the company aims to add a flexible smartphone in its line-up that would provide a unique, customer-driven experience on an innovative mobile device. The Android device will be backed by Cellular South’s online and in-store Discover Center, enabling customers to explore the services and devices.

More details about the Android smartphone device such as release date, pricing, manufacturer, model and other product features are expected soon.

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