CarStations app for Android, iPhone tells on nearby charging stations for EVs

CarStations App For iPhone

With the CarStations app now on the iPhone as well as Android smartphones, charging or parking electric vehicles is expected to be hassle free, quick and easy. The app gives access to locations and other details of charging stations or suitable parking locations for electronic vehicles.

Owners of this eco-friendly mode of transport face problems when it comes to charging their cars. They have to take particular care when planning a trip outside of their hometown, so as to ensure that their car does not run out of battery mid-way, especially if there is no charging station in the vicinity.

The CarStations app for Android smartphones saves users from such situations by telling them where they can find the next charging station and how far it is. Working with, manufacturers and drivers, the developers of this app gather information from all over the world.

CarStations App For Android

To add to this, users are also encouraged to add information about a new station whenever they come across one. Users can comment on the existing stations in the database. The CarStations app for the iPhone is not very different from the Android app, except for its iOS compatibility.

Both these apps are designed to provide directions to users attempting to find a charging station. This requires the users’ current location to be entered manually when asked for. The app also adds extra details about a station along with parking hour, charge costs and more.

The CarStations app for Android and iPhone can now be downloaded free of cost from the Android Market and the Apple App Store, respectively.