GamesCall Of Duty Warzone: Duos Battle Royale Mode Tips & Tricks

Call Of Duty Warzone: Duos Battle Royale Mode Tips & Tricks

call of duty warzoneCall of Duty: Warzone is at it again with its Duo Battle Royale mode. This wasn’t a part of the initial game design but came along the line for a new kind of fun- who wouldn’t want to play a game with just their spouse on their team? This mode takes a slightly different twist from previous COD multiplayer modes, as you can only play in teams of two.

So, we have spent some time on the game and have discovered some tips that can help you win. Furthermore, here is the safest Warzone hack for PC, which can help you boost your game.

How to win more games in COD: Warzone Duos Battle Royale mode

Know where to land

It’s of utmost importance to be armed at the earliest stages of your game. This might make you want to land at places with the best loadouts and loots. The Atlas Superstore is a good location for some sweet loot, but it’s usually crowded.

Of course, you should know that other players want those loots too. Alternatively, some locations have good loots in small quantities, which can help you get a few kills early in your game. In that case, the TV station is the best location with the least competition. So, you have the final decision over how you want to start your game.

Some quad team strategies may not work

cod startegyThe Duo model has 150 players split into teams of two, leaving you with 75 teams on Verdansk. This is a lot more difficult since you have an increased number of opponents than in other modes. And you have just one teammate to watch your back.

So, whatever you do, you should stick to your partner and be ready to switch roles as fast as possible if the need arises. Also, you should try to be as sneaky as possible.

Avoid being overly aggressive

cod aggressiveThe risk of getting killed in Warzone duo mode is higher than what you face in other modes where you play in teams of four. Being too aggressive in your play can get you killed faster than you can imagine.

Since you have just a single partner for support, we strongly advise that you avoid exposing yourself. Instead, adopt a passive playstyle. If you ask us, a sniper rifle is a perfect weapon to go with that style.

Early landing

cod landingWhen it comes to landing, your landing location is just one of the things you need to consider. Another important thing you should consider is your landing time. When you land early in the game, you have access to nearby loots before anyone does. This further increases your chances of getting kills earlier in the game.

On the other hand, you can also choose to land much later in the game. This way, you know where other players are, allowing you to better plan your strategies.

Stick with your partner

warzone partnerMany things can easily go wrong in a split second in COD Warzone duo mode in a jiffy. In extreme cases, you can end up in the Gulag in a matter of a few seconds into your game. This is because you have too many enemy teams compared to other modes- 75 VS 50, you can do the math.

The best bet to increase your winning chances is to stick with your teammate. You can both trade kills or provide cover fire for each other when needed. Wandering alone can get you easily outnumbered and overwhelmed, so stay together.


A new feel comes with having just a single partner on your side against other duos. The team play becomes easily reached since it’s easier to communicate effectively and play your roles well. However, the reduced number makes it easier for you to get killed- which could be just a few minutes into the game.

So, make sure you avoid close-range firefights; a sniper rifle should be your favorite in this mode. Also, sticking with your teammate is a good way to have support and cover fire. It also allows you to trade kills, thereby increasing your number of kills in a shorter time space.

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