SoftwareCadmus Communications Releases Mobile dPub for iPhone, Android-powered models

Cadmus Communications Releases Mobile dPub for iPhone, Android-powered models

Cadmus Communications Logo Whether it’s under the shade of a tree or a bustling train journey, reading aficionados can take to any available space for plunging into the vivid world of books, magazines and other content. Blending together this interest with advanced technology, Cadmus Communications has unleashed a unique e-delivery system dubbed dPub for the iPhone, Android-enabled handsets and other smartphones.

This innovative system has been crafted to render content from a range of sources including journals, books, magazines and reprints onto mobile systems. It is said to help publishers easily distribute their content across various mobile devices by way of a browser-flexible interface. To ensure a safe and uncomplicated delivery of their offering, publishers can bring the subscription management tool into play which allows independent import of subscriber’s lists and payment processing.

James McQueen, Director of Digital Media at Cadmus, remarked, “Cadmus Mobile dPub is an ideal solution for interactive journals, books, magazine, and reprints–allowing publishers to quickly and easily distribute their content electronically to all existing and future browser-enabled mobile devices.”

The company has developed the offering to employ print PDF as the input file. Thanks to this attribute, it can unlock access to uploaded content from any browser-capable device. In addition, the design of this innovation purges the need of creating an application. Besides, users need not sell their products through branded marketplaces since the system facilitates them to present the content as a native application for Apple and Android-powered devices.

Those who wish to customize their presentations can do so with the Mobile dPub. The system not only makes it possible for users to personalize their content but also extends support for rich media applications such as video, pop-ups, RSS feeds, social media and more. Plus, it comprises the text only reading mode for rendering an ideal reading session on small screens. In this mode, it automatically generates web analytics and reports to deliver information in a precise form.

Cadmus Mobile dPub is now available for publishers who wish to create content for smartphones, Android-backed models and the iPhone.

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