GeneralBYOD growth in Asia on the increase with smartphone sales, according to IDC

BYOD growth in Asia on the increase with smartphone sales, according to IDC

A new report published by IDC suggests that the BYOD model is witnessing continuous growth in the Asia Pacific region. IDC also disclosed that the Bring Your Own Device practice will continue to rise through 2014 and into 2015.

The BYOD model applies to enterprises where employees purchase their smartphones through self-sourced funds and not with resources provided from the company. Also, the employer isn’t required to provide any form of subsidy or support for the hardware and software. The latest findings from the IDC highlight that 22.5% of all smartphone sales in 2013 have been carried out under the BYOD model. Even tablets and notebooks which stand at 4.9% and 11.7%, respectively, fall under this category.

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According to Ian Song, the Research Manager for Enterprise Mobility at IDC Asia Pacific, around 60% of organizations which were surveyed in the Asia Pacific region have started leaning more towards the BYOD practice. The report goes on to suggest that nearly 155 million smartphones will fall under this model during 2014 and there will be a year-on-year growth of 40.4%. Tablets on the other hand, should have a growth of almost 4 million (YOY of 62.7%), while notebooks could sit at 3.1 million units falling under the BYOD model, which is a YOY decline of 20%.

The report also suggests that the BYOD growth isn’t likely to last. Smartphone utilization might hit its peak during 2016 and 2017 with tablets somewhere between 2017 to 2018. Also, companies could move on to a CYOD model in the future or a hybrid with the BYOD practice. For in-depth information on this latest research by the IDC, be sure to look up the presser via this link.

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