Bubble Rockit shoots onto iPhone

Bubble Rockit The fun and frolic bubble making experience could get excitement soaring high. Well that’s not all what bubbles can do, now they can even power rockets to reach the sky. Jiovanie Velazquez is all set to send gamers to the moon with the new self-published project, Bubble Rockit for the iPhone. Gamers now need to buckle up their seat belts and gear up to grab the stars.

iPhone owners can check out this enticing game wherein they have to accelerate the Rockit so that it reaches outer space. Ready to take off, it’s waiting in its tiny launch pad in the grass for gamers to pilot it across the skies in order to reach the space utilizing the bubble fuel. Players can collect stars in this game to win major points. However, they need to be careful because if they tap continuously they may loose out on fuel and have to give up a star for some extra power.

Looked upon as an ‘ascension’ style game the Bubble Rockit packs in finite level design coupled with touch tapping interactivity. It also offers gaming enthusiasts a less frenetic gameplay mechanics. The game is now available on the App Store for $0.99.