Network OperatorsBSNL's offering up to 8x more data to postpaid users

BSNL’s offering up to 8x more data to postpaid users

BSNL has revamped its postpaid plans to offer more data to subscribers than before while keeping the tariffs intact. The move has probably come about to counter Reliance Jio’s onslaught which has seen most other telecom operators offer extra benefits to retain customers.

BSNL’s site reflects the free data under the headline ‘promotional offer,’ but hasn’t mentioned how long the deal will last. Moreover, the additional data is only being bundled with select plans. The schemes became active for all users starting from July 1, so existing consumers won’t have to do anything to avail the fresh benefits.

Starting off with the basic Plan 99, it will now give away 250MB of data instead of offering none at all. Plan 225 has gotten a 1GB boost, much more than the earlier 200MB limit. Plan 325 subscribers will similarly benefit from having 2GB of data handy instead of just 250MB.

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Anyone on Plan 525 is set to go from having access to 500MB of data to 3GB. Finally, Plan 725 users will receive 5GB of data now rather than just 1GB. No other changes are apparent, with no obvious upgrades in calls or messages.

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BSNL lags behind Reliance Jio in this regard. The latter offers several freebies in terms of calls, texts, and in-app benefits for most of its schemes. Still, the former has announced several deals of its own, most of which benefit prepaid customers. For example, it recently rolled out a Chaukka 444 plan which gave away a total of 360GB of data at just Rs 444.

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