BSNL customers traveling abroad can now make mobile calls via landlines

BSNL has launched a new app which will allow customers to travel abroad without incurring massive ISD charges for calls. The tool will let them connect their landline connection to their mobile.

Dubbed Fixed Mobile Telephony, the BSNL service has been in the works for months now. It’ll kick off operations from April 2 across India. However, both postpaid and prepaid consumers will have to hand over a monthly fee to utilize the feature. The amount is yet to be decided.

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As for call tariffs, BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava says that customers will be charged according to the network they use. This basically means that they’ll have to pay landline rates for utilizing their fixed line connection and mobile rates for their cellular one. On the flip side, the new Fixed Mobile Telephony additionally allows users to send or receive an SMS through their landline phone.

This offering will be in place 2 to 3 months from now. Shrivastava has also announced a new fixed mobile convergence service to sync 4 devices with each other in order to make or receive calls from each. He claims the feature will soon be expanded to include non-BSNL customers, as long as they have a BSNL fixed-line connection.

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The extension to non-native consumers could be a wise choice for the future given the prevalence of BSNL within the landline sector but lack of dominance when it comes to mobile networks. The brand has further opened a new prepaid facility for fixed-line phones.

Finally, BSNL plans to install 21000 more mobile towers across the nation at a cost of Rs 2100 crore. The expansion will bring its total to 135000 sites.