Broadcom Bluetooth Headset Solutions with Noise Cancellation Announced

Broadcom logo Broadcom has introduced new Bluetooth Headset devices which offer a great solution to noise and echo suppression, without using expensive flash memory. Broadcom’s new Bluetooth technology is meant for audio enhancement.

The newly launched Broadcom BCM2044S headset with single-chip ROM-based device features improved audio technology.

The Broadcom headset that features ROM-based architecture to enhance SmartAudio has been applied to reduce noise and echo. SmartAudio software reduces the bill up to 40 percent.

Scott Bibaud, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom’s Wireless Personal Area Networking line of business commented, “To expand upon the leadership we’ve built in other Bluetooth segments, Broadcom is delivering revolutionary solutions that push the boundaries of performance and cost for wireless headsets and other audio devices.”

He further continued, “Rounding out our new family of audio solutions, the BCM2044S and related reference design enable OEMs to differentiate their headset offerings with superior features, while reducing BOM and manufacturing costs to protect their bottom lines.”

Broadcom SmartAudio technology is based on the company’s extensive experience in processing voice, video and data traffic in enterprise networking and telecommunications infrastructure applications.

Broadcom SmartAudio technology also allows audio streams within the Bluetooth headset, differentiating between voice and non-voice characteristics while eliminating background noise to deliver a clearer, more satisfying voice conversation.

The SmartAudio headset automatically increases the sound volume when the consumer goes in a noisy environment as it gives maximum comfort to the person using the headset without touching the buttons.

Broadcom also announced today its BCM92044 reference design that provides headset OEMs with a greatly reduced 2-layer printed circuit board (PCB), versus alternative solutions that require PCBs with four or six layers.

Broadcom’s reference design offers a solution to headset manufacturers who require to make small and simple products.

The BCM2044S single-chip solution and BCM92044 reference design are sampling to early access customers. Pricing is available upon request.