Bose SoundDock 10 iPhone dock launched in India

Bose SoundDock 10

iPhone users in India can now lay their hands on an innovative accessory introduced by Bose dubbed SoundDock 10. SoundDock 10 iPhone docking system joins the lineup of Bose SoundDock system that includes SoundDock Classic, SoundDock Series II system and SoundDock Portable system.

The docking station employs a new version of Bose proprietary waveguide technology that is specifically developed for this device. It is inclusive of an exclusive Bose woofer that is four times more efficient than the standard woofer. The combination of the waveguide technology along with the custom Bose woofer delivers very deep low notes, eliminating the need for a separate subwoofer.

“The SoundDock 10 system is for people who want the sound quality of a primary music system for their iPod or iPhone. We started with a clean sheet and a clear goal: to deliver unparalleled audio performance without the need for complicated equipment. We then developed new technologies to deliver that performance without compromise,” mentioned Ratish Pandey, General Manager, Bose Corporation India Private Limited.

“The SoundDock 10 System is a thrilling product made possible through our research. We believe with it we have established a new standard of performance and elegance. And we believe that becomes evident the very first time an owner listens to a favorite iPod playlist or Internet Radio,” he added.

The Bose device is inclusive of Twiddler transducers that are aptly positioned in the front of the system to offer comprehensive full-range musical reproduction. The docking station is equipped with an auxiliary input and a video output that facilitates users to play video from the iPhone on a TV while listening to the soundtrack on the SoundDock 10 system. The device houses amplifiers with a switching power supply and measures about 9″ x 17″ x 10″. Further, a Bluetooth dock is also offered separately that streams music wirelessly from a stereo Bluetooth music phone.

The SoundDock 10 system is Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified. It offers compatibility with the original iPhone, 3GS, 3G as well as any clickwheel iPod or iPod Touch. The package is inclusive of an infrared remote that helps in navigating the playlists and control other functionalities of the system.

The SoundDock 10 digital music system will be made available beginning September 30 for Rs. 40,388 via select authorized Bose dealers, Bose retail stores and through their website. The optional Bluetooth interchangeable dock will be offered by mid-October for Rs 8,888.