Blurb Mobile app announced for iPhone 4

Blurb Mobile App

Now, creating visually compelling stories or covering real-time breaking news is all set to become a trouble-free and time saving affair for many. Blurb recently released its latest mobile publishing app called Blurb Mobile for the iPhone 4. This app helps in quick and easy creation of engaging narratives utilizing content like videos, images and audio.

Blurb Mobile enables passionate users with an urge to capture life’s precious moments to come up with stories which are appealing, fun and instantly sharable. It provides innovative tools for easy multimedia editing including the ability to rotate, crop, scale, drag and drop sequencing and more. Additionally, the app features geotagging capability to enable users to link their tale to a particular location on a map.

“Blurb is known for two things: helping people to tell their stories visually and then enabling them to share their work directly with their audience,” commented Eileen Gittins, CEO and Founder, Blurb. “To date, the medium of choice has been the printed book; but that’s all changing. With the release of Blurb Mobile, people will now be able to capture life’s great moments, large and small, in wonderfully rich story form and then share their stories on the fly, using any media on their phone including voice, video text and image. All in under 90 seconds.”

On composing the media, people will also be able to seamlessly add voice-overs and text to procreate all-inclusive and vastly personalized narratives. For heightened personalization, it also includes seven exclusive visual themes to choose from. Users can now quickly upload or share their multimedia stories with friends through several social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, via email, or via the Blurb channel.

The Blurb Mobile app is currently available for download through the iTunes App Store absolutely free of cost. Further, the app is proffering an in-app upgrade path for consumers seeking supplementary video, photo and audio capabilities.