Microsoft is the betting favorite to acquire BlackBerry

Microsoft, Xiaomi and a couple of other companies are hot for BlackBerry, which means we may hear news of an acquisition any day now. The Canadian company has probably never felt this attractive in recent times and for good reason. It has been struggling long and hard against the onslaught of more powerful but cheaper smartphones and continues to do so.

But for the scattered hordes of BlackBerry loyalists on various parts of the globe, the company would not have been able to whip itself back into desirable shape for acquisition even with its new launches such as the Passport, Classic and Leap. Apart from smartphones, the brand has also been dabbling in software like BBM while giving its all to what it does best, which is enterprise services.


In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2014, or December 2014 to February 2015, BlackBerry reported profitability on the back of its corporate restructure. So the company is once more ripe for acquisition, according to Microsoft as well as Chinese vendors including Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo. Going by a post on DigiTimes, Microsoft has already engaged the services of investment companies.

The business mobile solution segment is not the only thing on BlackBerry’s portfolio that Microsoft has its eyes on. The Redmond giant is also interested in taking over the once popular Canadian brand because of its patents related to the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), communications sectors and mobile platform. Industry sources think Chinese vendors will have a tough time landing BlackBerry.

This is is because OEMs from China have to go through the hawk-eyed scrutiny of regulatory authorities in the US and Europe, in the interest of national security. So it’s possible that Microsoft may have the strongest chance of acquiring BlackBerry as compared to Xiaomi, Lenovo or Huawei.