Network OperatorsBharti Airtel, Mformation join hands for Advanced Device Management

Bharti Airtel, Mformation join hands for Advanced Device Management

Airtel and Mformation Logo Bharti Airtel has announced that they have partnered with Mformation Technologies, a provider of mobile device management solutions. Under this partnership, Bharti Airtel will make use of Mformation’s seamless deliveries of new data service and managing mobile devices.

Bharti Airtel is one of the 10 mobile operators in the world with 40 million mobile users which have increased up to 48 million users.

Bharti Airtel is going to make use of Mformation Service Manager to configure, diagnose, update and manage advanced mobile devices through every phase of their lifecycle. For Mformation to launch new mobile data services applications such as Instant Messaging and device browsers would be difficult.

In this case Bharti Airtel’s enterprise users are going to benefit from a hosted device management and security solution that would gives each enterprise complete control over their handsets, applications and services used by users.

Mformation has selected Bharti Airtel as the service provider since it has proved its ability to help mobile operators unlock the power of their mobile networks and deliver the full potential of next-generation wireless technology with a profit.

Jagbir Singh, Bharti Airtel’s Group CTO stated, “As our subscriber base grows from nearly 50 million to more than 100 million over the next three years, the ability to resolve faults quickly and roll out exciting new data services and applications seamlessly will be key to accelerating the adoption of sophisticated new devices and advanced data services within
our customer base.”

He further continued, “As the critical platform for controlling the mobile device, MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER will be essential in helping us optimize the user experience and deliver seamless, intuitive services to both our business and consumer subscribers.”

Mark Edwards, Mformation’s CEO,also said, “MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER will enable Bharti Airtel to deliver advanced device management capabilities-from initial device configuration to diagnostics, maintenance, software management and data service rollout-to both their consumer and business customers, helping grow revenues and increase profits.”

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