Best Football Apps To Have in Your Pocket in 2020

Whether you want to play fantasy football– and win– bet on the games, or just get updates on your favorite teams so that you can be the sought-out football sage at your favorite watering, you’ll need a few apps to keep you informed.

Today, let’s have a look at a few of the best football apps in 2020.

FanDuel – Daily Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Leagues

fanduel appBetting is much easier when you have the right apps in your pocket. Fan Duel is unique because it offers both DFS and NFL betting essentially in one spot. Yes, you have to switch between the two and for legal reasons, separate your accounts – because sports betting isn’t legal in every state just yet.

Fan Duel is free for iPhone, Android, and iPad and configures your account directly with the mobile website and desktop website versions. It’s clean, easy to use and navigate, and provides a top-notch service for DFS and NFL betting. Personally, I like to use Fan Duel for props betting and checking fantasy projections against NFL player prop lines on other sites. The game lines are a little too juicy for me. But it’s a great resource to have on hand, allowing you take a bet in a pinch if your favorite sportsbook doesn’t have a viable mobile betting app,

Yahoo Sports | Sports Media and Fantasy League

yahoo sports app“Sports news, scores, fantasy games” – Yahoo Sports has a little bit of everything we need for our fantasy league play and overall sports news, rumors, and updates. At this point, Yahoo Sports is one of the longest-standing online sports media sites there is. They have exclusive deals getting them info that even ESPN might not get their hands on. So, for me, Yahoo Sports is always going to have a small square of my smartphone screen set aside for it.

B/R The Bleacher Report | Team News

bleacher report appSpeaking of exclusive information, the Bleacher Report is perhaps the best in the business at uncovering breaking news before anyone else. Their whole model was based on team beat writers. Although the publication has grown significantly over the last decade, that fact hasn’t changed. Because they use local, beat writers who are sitting in the bleachers, watching the practices and games, they get personal access that some of these other massive outlets might not. In other words, sure, small college team x wants to have that ESPN writer asking questions. But they are going to give him or her scripted statements. Whereas the B/R guys are there all the time, so they see and hear things that are not prepared by team PR managers.

The best thing about B/R is how customizable it is. You can limit your feed to specific teams and even specific aspects of those teams. This helps keep your notifications manageable. You only get the news you want to see, instead of the news an outlet wants you to see.

Bovada | Sports Betting

bovada appBovada is one of the best mobile betting apps you can have loaded on your phone. It’s UX is clean and pleasing to look at. On top of this, they have some of the softest NFL and college football lines on the market. Because of this, they are juiced up a bit, but hey … soft lines are beatable. They also lead the market in player props and in-game betting. This is the perfect app to couple with your DFS apps so you can view what they think about individual performances and take that information over to your DFS apps to find the value that other average players might not see.

Another bonus to having this app is that you can play poker, slots, blackjack, or any other casino table games if you get bored. It’s not all play to play either; there are free poker rooms and low buy-in tables where you can play for real money and satellite tournaments that you can play into big buy-in tournaments for little to no money at all.

Of course, dozens of other apps could be mentioned, like theScore, ESPN, RotoWire, TeamRankings, etc. But if we looked at all of them, this would turn into a novel-length magnum opus. So, there you have it, our top four football apps for fantasy and betting.