Other BrandsBenQ EF71 Mobile Phone now available in India

BenQ EF71 Mobile Phone now available in India

BenQ EF71

EF71 mobile phone produced by BenQ has hit the shelves in India. The other name given to it is BenQ-Siemens Q-Fi EF71. The dazzling looks of the device makes it’s very obvious that the device is all dedicated to music. It has the most updated sound features.

The headset has a stylish flap cover. On viewing the front portion of the headset, a small screen with music keys and a camera lens can be visible.

The music keys are used to operate the MP3 player without even flipping open the phone and enjoy all the essential functionality of the player. The relevant details about the song playing can be viewed in the small external OLED screen.

The camera is of 2.0 megapixel allowing to capture exciting moments spontaneously as photographs and video, with 3x linear digital zoom. As compared to other camcorder phones, it allows unlimited recording. With the night-mode option, any footage can be captured even after sun-set.

The device when flipped-open, is flat with an ergonomical in shape keypad and has a 2.2″ TFT screen with 262,144 colors, offering a translucent vision smooth in sunlight.

The built-in FM transmitter allows transmitting of music which helps to play MP3s stored on the BenQ EF71 and hear the music through the speakers of the radio for instance in a car which makes the music to be heard louder than normal.

This technological extravaganza has 24MB internal memory that can be extended up to 2GB with microSD memory card slot.This fully-featured rich phone can be used as a webcam with a USB cable. EF71 has full expandability and provides easy connectivity to laptop or computer, ready for online videoconference anytime, anyplace.

BenQ EF71’s built-in answering machine is awake if any calls are physically missed. Apart from the new-updated features, all the rest is common to the other BenQ mobile phones.

BenQ EF71 handset’s clamshell style design makes it more attractive as compared with its features. It is a phone that is a combination of features and musical excellence. Although it is elegantly compact, the device is not only a mobile phone, but a music player loaded with multiple features. Being equipped with so many features, the BenQ- EF71 is sleek and weighs 100g only.

The BenQ EF71 mobile phone is available at Rs. 12,995 in the Indian market.

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