Bellperre to roll out new Tailor Made Mobile Phones

Bellperre Handsets Today, everyone around us loves to wear designer clothes and travel in luxury cars, so why should the mobile phones be ordinary? So here’s a mobile phone for such consumers known as BELLPERRE.

This luxury handset by Bellperre is a tailor-made phone. It does not contain any plastic, but has premium leather, steel, gold, hardwood, sapphire crystals and other fine materials.

The Bellperre phones are made available in a leather palette of more than 200 colors. It is made available in huge range of leathers like the crocodile, shark, buffalo and calf.

The consumers have a choice of different metal casing like the aircraft aluminum or precious 18k rose gold, and different finishing’s and personal engravings.

These mobile phones will be made available in the European market from the beginning of June 2008. Bellperre will also be seen at the March CEBIT 2008 which is a known digital and telecom business event. These mobile phones will be made available globally later on.