Belling Productions outs HistoryTools 1.5.2 App for iPhone

History Tools App iPhone

The latest iPhone app will put forth a day-by-day calendar of historical events, the births and deaths of the most famous people in history, feast days of the saints and world holidays. Well, Belling Productions has rolled out the HistoryTools 1.5.2 app for the iPhone which helps trigger ideas for writers and students.

Users can access the entire database without a Wi-Fi or GPS connection. The 14.2MB database consists of 5,700 events, 6,200 birthdays, 4,000 deaths and 600 date-specific holidays. Owners can add their personal entries to the program with utmost ease. The app claims to be a suitable option for journalists, speechwriters, copywriters and PR professionals.

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Owners can effortlessly search using words or specific years. The app augments the functionality level since it can also be used as a diary. Users can conveniently store their events and significant dates like family birthdays and anniversaries.

The app searches the user’s entries and further intuitively integrates them into the pages of every day of the year. The HistoryTools 1.5.2 app works seamlessly with an iPhone and requires iOS 3.1 or later.

The app can now be picked up for free from the App Store.

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