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Baxi Bike Taxi app now works without an internet connection

Bike taxi app Baxi has announced a new tool which will allow users to book rides without the need of an internet connection. The company currently operates in Gurgaon and Faridabad. It plans to roll out this feature to its 30000 patrons starting from next week.

Baxi co-founder and CTO Manu Rana told PTI that any customer with an Android phone will be able to access the new feature. He thinks the tool will help the brand reach out to more customers since they won’t have to use their data plan to book a bike. This could work as a marketing strategy given the number of Indians who are yet to try out similar apps due to spotty internet connectivity.


Customers without an internet connection simply have to open the Baxi app and tap Book. This will prompt an SMS containing the rider’s location details to get sent to the company’s server. The system automatically finds the nearest bike in the area and sends an SMS with this information back to the application.

The Baxi app processes this data and displays the driver’s details and current position to the consumer, similar to how it would appear during a standard online booking. Rana boasts that the new data-free feature is a world first and cannot be found in any other taxi-booking app.

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The Baxi CTO plans to expand the brand’s services to Noida and Ghaziabad by the end of this month. The company currently charges a base fare of Rs 10 for a trip. The figure rises by Rs 4 per km and Re 1 per minute. The firm apparently takes on over 3000 journeys on a daily basis in Gurgaon and Faridabad.

You can download the Baxi app via the Google Play Store.