Bango intros Get on My Mobile Bango Button

Bango logo Bango has introduced the innovative ‘Get On My Mobile’ Bango Button. It is useful for social websites, media sharing site, forum and blog. The button enables mobile phone users to share their content on social websites. Thus, the gap between computer and mobile phones has thinned.

Multimedia files like photos and music files can be easily shared with a push of a button.
The users can make available their content on social websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Blogger, Orkut and

A Bango Button can link directly to photos stored on a PC website, automatically resizing them for different mobile phones and presenting the download page. This removes the need to make them mobile ready or have them located on a mobile website.

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“Like most bands, we have a MySpace site where people can listen to our music and see when we have gigs coming up,” commented Claudio Tinnirello of the Californian electro-pop band, Moonlife.

Tinnirello further continued, “Bango Buttons on our site at MySpace make it easy for our fans to get wallpapers and ringtones onto their mobile. They’ll even be able to get a map of where we’ll be playing, making it easy to find the venue.”

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