Bal Seal Engineering constructs free app for Engineers

Bal Seal Engineering App Engineers, who always ran helter-skelter to measure a thing, have a reason to smile. Bal Seal Engineering makes it easier by providing engineers with a new free app. The app is called the “Pressure/ Velocity and Seal Life Estimator” which can be used for iPhones as well as for web enabled smartphones.

Engineers can now access the app all the way, free of cost. They need not invest into large machinery to measure PV and seal performance life. The Pressure/Velocity and Seal Life Estimator is set to make engineers’ life easier even while on the go.

The app comprises of a built in “tumbler” type feature which is useful in instantly converting temperature, speed, pressure, area, destiny, force, length, mass, torque, power and energy. The “Submit Info” feature with simple navigation menu helps to preload all stored applications and contacts at the user’s discretion and e-mails it straight to Bal Seal for further technical help.

The company says it has developed the “Pressure/Velocity and Seal Life Estimator” to provide OEM design engineers with a “portable, go-anywhere link” to enhance the engineers with knowledge and experience while they are on the move.

Bal Seal Marketing and New Business Development Director Bill Nissim commented, “Many of our customers are on the move. So giving them a means to communicate with us through a mobile platform, regardless of what type of device they use, made a lot of sense to us. When you’re facing a critical environmental or productivity issue, you’re not always near a computer. This app directly addresses that situation.”

The app “Pressure/Velocity and Seal Life Estimator” was made public at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, a “natural extension” of the company’s recent start of the LKS High PV Seal.

The “Pressure/Velocity and Seal Life Estimator” can be downloaded for the iPhone by visiting the Apple App Store (or iTunes) and searching for “Seal Life Estimator” while smartphone users can search and bookmark the mobile app on