Audubon Guide apps hit Apple App Store

Audubon Guide iPhone App Nature lovers can get comprehensive information about the nature at their fingertips. National Audubon Society field guide books are now transformed into apps for iPhone users.

The first four Audubon Guide apps, North American guides to birds, wildflowers, trees and mammals are now available in the Apple App Store. Audubon Guide apps feature updated and expanded content from the authoritative National Audubon Society guide books. The apps are inclusive of over 8,000 professional color photos, 2,300 bird sounds, variety of range maps, and in detail species descriptions with updated information about behavior, habitat, and the natural history of families and species.

“Mobile platforms allow field guides to explore nature in more fun and interactive ways than they ever could before. Features like bird calls, GPS-location and the ability to share outings with family and friends are just finger taps away. These new apps transform field guides as we know them,” mentioned Andrew Stewart, publisher of Green Mountain Digital, the electronic publishing company that created the Audubon Guide apps in alliance with the National Audubon Society.

“The Web site really adds to the overall Audubon Guide app user experience because it includes all of the information contained in the apps as well as contributions by app users themselves. As people share their outdoor experiences on the site, we’ll see it becoming an increasingly useful tool in the research and cataloging of the natural world,” he added.

All the information is offered in real time through elegant, interactive and intuitive search features. Search parameters include common and scientific names, family, shape, range, habitat, color, and size. The apps are supported by, a free website that syncs with the apps. The apps also enable users to create personalized life lists, post GPS-enabled sighting lists and upload user-created photo albums.

“This is a giant leap forward in connecting people with the nature that surrounds them. And it’s the first step in building a commitment to protecting the wonders these apps will help a new generation discover and savor,” mentioned John Flicker, president of the National Audubon Society.

With the geo-location search feature, users can discover which species are located in their vicinity, or in any other zip code, state or region. Audubon Guide apps sport a universal dashboard that facilitates navigation back and forth between species information, search functions, sightings and more.

The four initial apps are available at introductory prices in the Apple iTunes store. The limited-time-only prices are $19.99 for birds and $9.99 each for wildflowers, trees and mammals. In the coming days, insects and spiders, butterflies, fish, reptiles and amphibians, seashells, seashore creatures, mushrooms, whales and dolphins, and many other subjects will be introduced.