Pantech Duo Mobile Phone announced by AT&T

Pantech Duo

On 29th October, Pantech with AT&T Inc. announced the availability of the Pantech Duo mobile phone in the U.S.

Pantech Duo is a global smart device which features a dual key-pad. The device is a sleek 3G device that features a full QWERTY and numeric keypad. The lean design holds both keypads and a large color screen that measures only 4.02 inches tall, 1.97 inches wide and .83 inches thick.

The handset with its innovative dual-sliding and double-keyboard design, marks a new breed of mobile handset. Thus, this device is perfect for business and professional users.

In addition to its features, the UMTS/HSDPA is enabled in Pantech duo. This feature makes it the first devices in the AT&T portfolio to be powered by the Windows Mobile 6 operating system.

Windows Mobile 6 is the operating backbone of the Pantech duo. It provides users with the familiar look and feel of their desktop computers. Office Mobile is included in Pantech duo, so that PowerPoint presentations can be visible, along with the function to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Windows Mobile 6 also delivers the ability to view e-mail messages in the original rich HTML format with live links to Web sites and Microsoft Office Share Point sites, allowing the text and images to be displayed as they would be on a Windows PC.

It also has the ability to take the “office on the road” as it offers numerous methods to stay connected with its choice of personal e-mail and messaging options. That includes AT&T Xpress Mail push e-mail service, supporting most popular POP3/IMAP personal e-mail services, instant messaging capabilities and the ability to send and receive multimedia messages with color videos and photos.

Jay Yim, chief marketing officer, Global Operations, Pantech Group Inc. expresses, “The Pantech duo is a sharp, sophisticated and powerful product and is built to take full advantage of AT&T’s swift and extensive Broadband Connect network.”

Using the Pantech Duo handset, AT&T customers will be able to enjoy an outstanding mobile broadband experience through AT&T’s Broadband Connect network, available in more than 200 major metropolitan areas across the U.S. For AT&T customers outside U.S., the Pantech Duo can be used on the largest international wireless footprint of any U.S. carrier. Customers can access e-mail and other data applications and browse the Web in more than 135 countries, and they can make or receive phone calls in more than 190 countries.

Plus, the device keeps the user entertained with a variety of features like Dynamic AT&T Mobile Music and CV services that lets the customers manage a variety of multimedia libraries, download and play stereo-quality music, watch popular TV shows and view exclusive content from HBO, MTV, and ESPN, among others, on the handset’s robust 240 x 320 pixel screen.

The other convenient and widely used features are Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and Stereo Bluetooth.

Available in U.S., the Pantech duo can be purchased exclusively from AT&T stores for a special introductory price of $199.992.