Atmel XSense touch sensor could mean smartphone, tablet screens without edges

Atmel XSense Touch Sensor 01

Coming as good news for smartphones and tablet devices is the all new Atmel XSense touch sensor. We’re not talking about a regular display of sorts here, but one that’s flexible and likely to allow for touchscreens without edges in the future.

This sensor exploits a roll-to-roll metal mesh technology to serve as a substitute to current ones. It brings in the potential of even slimmer and curvy form factors for devices including Ultrabooks and other touch gadgets. The technology should also work towards providing decent clarity in terms of visuals delivered by the display. Apart from claiming enhanced touch performance, it can apparently account for less sheet resistance and relatively low power consumption.

“Our groundbreaking XSense technology transforms the touch experience for users of new smartphones, tablets and other touch-enabled products. XSense launches a new era of touch design, enabling our customers to redefine touch and to create a new class of products that were previously only imaginable. Combined with Atmel maXTouch controllers, Atmel provides a completely optimized, unparalleled touch experience, extending its product portfolio deeper into the touch eco-system,” commented Atmel President and CEO Steve Laub.

Atmel XSense Touch Sensor 02

Moreover, the screen is said to feature considerable noise immunity, thereby eliminating minor glitches in terms of overall functionality. The touch technology should supposedly provide manufacturers with an alternate way to cutting down on the present cost of integrating existing touchscreens within devices.

As mentioned above, the Atmel XSense touch sensor is currently being sampled. It is expected to hit store shelves by Q3 this year.