Asus ZenPower 10050mAh power bank to be released this week for Rs 1499

We knew that the Asus ZenPower 10050mAh power bank was headed to India, but there no was concrete release date and price to look forward to before today’s announcement. It has been revealed that the much anticipated product is to be made available from May 15 onwards through the company’s very own stores as well as via Flipkart.

News about the arrival of the Asus ZenPower power bank comes just a day after the OnePlus’ 10000mAh power bank was pushed into the market by the Chinese company. It’s available now via Amazon at Rs 1399 in the form of two color options, and is competing with the likes of Huawei’s 13000mAh offering (Rs 1399) and Xiaomi’s upcoming 10400mAh gadget (Rs 999).

Asus ZenPower

One advantage that the Asus ZenPower has over all these products is its extremely small form factor. Its size matches that of a standard credit card, and its weight isn’t much either, at 215gms. To give you a lowdown of its exact capacity, it can fully charge the ZenFone 5 over three times and the beastly new ZenFone 2 over two times.

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On its outside, the ZenPower power bank bears an aluminum casing which makes it impact resistant and also grants it protection from scratches. Additionally, it features 6 international certifications and 11 different types of protection features to ensure durability. Contrary to the OnePlus offering however, this gadget can charge just one device at a time.

Asus ZenPower Side

Like we said, May 15 has been marked down as the date on which the Asus ZenPower 10050mAh power bank will be made available in India. It will be purchasable at Rs 1499 through the company’s official stores and Flipkart.