AsusAsus P527 launched in Taiwan

Asus P527 launched in Taiwan

ASUS P527 PDA Asus has launched a new PDA phone called the Asus P527. The ASUS P527 is launched in Taiwan. However, no word on the price as yet.

This PDA is a slim and professional-looking mobile phone. Asus P527 measures 15.4mm and has a silver-gray aluminum cover. 8 dedicated hotkeys which allow the users to quickly access main functions – making it simple and time efficient to use.

The PDA allows users to record and share their pictures, routes, Points of Interests (POIs) and memo with the handy built-in Travelog feature. The Asus P527 is handy as it supports Google Earth satellite maps format – allowing consumers to create a diary of events during their travels. Users using Travelog can put together snapshots and other interesting tidbits of their travels onto their blogs – allowing them to share the memorable moments with their loved ones while they are trekking across from one place to the other.

The smartphone has an inbuilt GPS navigation feature with the GPS Catcher which allows the user to locate a place quickly where ever in the world allowing the user to travel to the next destination easily.

The Location Courier feature of the P527 will also help prevent consumers from getting lost by accurately and periodically reporting their position to their pre-defined friends’ contacts.

The professional features the PDA include Windows Mobile 6 Professional Operating System, Office functions and synchronizes Outlook emails, edits Word and Excel documents and views Powerpoint slides.

The Newstation feature in the smartphone allows users to receive the latest news reports and website information through RSS related settings – keeping them in touch through real-time updates and blog posts.

Asus P527 also has the Business Card Recognition feature which makes it easy to capture details of a business card without keying the data into the contacts, allowing users to keep track of contacts with ease.

The other features of the Asus P527 are a built-in FM Radio Receiver, 2 mega-pixels Camera with auto focus and Windows Media Player

The PDA comes with a built-in Windows Live functions that allow users to access Hotmail, MSN, Spaces and Search so that they can keep in touch with their online friends.

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