‘Assembled in India’ iPhone SE now up for sale in Bengaluru

Apple appears to have begun selling the ‘Assembled in India’ iPhone SE in the country, finally ending months of anticipation here. The news comes amidst reports of the Indian government reconsidering the company’s push for tax cuts.

According to The Times of India, the iPhone SE is available via select shops in Bengaluru at Rs 27200 for its 32GB version and Rs 37200 for its 128GB one. Disappointingly, the figures are the same as the handset’s official cost in India. Many predicted that Apple would slash prices once it started iPhone production in India.

A new PTI report offers some hope in this regard. The center is apparently asking Apple to submit investment and job creation details so that it can evaluate the benefits that will accrue to the domestic economy. The administration will then take a view on the firm’s request for tax concessions only after this has been over and done with.

iPhone SE

Till then, you can get yourself an iPhone SE labeled ‘Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in India’ if you’re in Bengaluru. Wistron, Apple’s OEM partner, has reportedly manufactured a few thousand units of the device and plans to kick things into high gear only after the GST rollout on July 1.

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The iPhone SE got a pretty major markdown a few months ago, with the 16GB model selling at Rs 19999. Even the 32GB iteration is selling at a lower rate than its official numbers. A recent report claimed that Apple was allowing retailers to cut costs in order to drive sales, so it’s possible the Made in India iPhone SE will be available at a discount, just not officially.