SoftwareASHIM unboxes mobile app for smartphones

ASHIM unboxes mobile app for smartphones

ASHIM Mobile AppWith different mobile apps being released to cater to diverse groups of people, how can the world of health and medicine be left behind? Well, the American Society of Health Informatics Managers, Inc (ASHIM) declared the launch and instant accessibility of a mobile application for smartphones.

The app facilitates Health IT Consultants to aid physicians to choose an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

“In today’s rapidly expanding sea of EHR products, most Health IT experts develop a personal preference, but having familiarity with only one or two EHRs is about as useful to most physicians as a mechanic who only knows one automotive maker. This puts an entire searchable EHR vendor directory at the consultant’s fingertips. They can quickly produce an unbiased product list while they are sitting with the physician,” commented, Susan Nagel, ASHIM’s National HIT Member Services Director.

The web-enabled app known as EHRBook looks for products by keyword to taper down the EHR selection based on the preferences of the doctor.

It is compatible with Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre and iPhone mobile platforms.The app is available for no charge.

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