Armageddon Squadron mobile game for iPhone releases via Polarbit

Armageddon Squadron mobile game
Polarbit, renowned mobile game developer best known for the Raging Thunder racing game for iPhone. Polarbit unveiled the release of its latest title, Armageddon Squadron for iPhone and iPod Touch. The player can take part in the mission with the best aircrafts of the World War II, through groundbreaking 3D shoot’em-up/flight simulator Armageddon Squadron.

The objective of the mission is bombing and attacking via raids and protecting the ground troops against the enemy aircraft. Another objective to be encountered in the mission is the dogfights against the enemy. The game is integrated with a smooth accelerometer control that makes flying joy.

“Armageddon Squadron represents a slight departure for us in terms of gameplay style, compared to Raging Thunder, WaveBlazer and Crash Nitro Kart,” added Anders Nilsson, co-founder and CTO at Polarbit. “It proves beyond any doubt that Polarbit is capable of delivering top-notch games, regardless of genre or game type.”

Polarbit does not offer multiplayer mode for the current Armageddon Squadron but it does offer online and Wi-Fi functionality. This game is available at the AppStore. The pricing detail is not yet revealed.