Apple Watch officially announced, could launch in India during July

The Apple Watch has been officially launched in nine different countries across the world, although India isn’t amongst them. Disappointing as this is, the company will surely expand availability to more locations in the coming months, but it’ll probably be a long wait for potential customers in the country.

The Times of India is reporting citing PTI that analysts expect the Apple Watch to make landfall in India sometime during June or July. That’s still a wait of at least three months for buyers to get their hands on the much awaited smartwatch. What’s more, the device is expected to be made available with a price that could go way beyond the Rs 30000 mark.

Apple Watch

In the US, the device has a starting retail amount of $349 (around Rs 21900), with the highest model costing an insane $17000 (approximately Rs 1067089) with a gold body. Also, there are three different editions of the accessory, namely Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, and they each come in two different sizes.

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The Watch Sport is the cheapest option and made from lightweight anodized aluminum with Ion-X glass protecting its Retina display. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, features polished stainless steel with a sapphire crystal covering over the screen. Then we have the super expensive Watch Edition that’s crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys.

Apple Smartwatch

The display here is layered with polished sapphire crystal and you even get 18-karat gold clasps, buckles or pins. Not only does the Apple accessory look great, it’s also loaded with many features. Access to notifications, messaging and calling is only the tip of the iceberg as the device is capable of displaying health and fitness related information and offering navigation support amongst others. The company is promising up to 19 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order in the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, China, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia from April 10.