Apple to discontinue incorporating chipsets by Nvidia?

Apple Nvidia logo According to Ubergizmo, a new website called semiaccurate reports that Apple plans to stop incorporating chips from Nvidia. It is also rumored that lately the relation between the two companies is deteriorating.

It is believed that Apple would discontinue using Nvidia’s chips and incorporate Corei7 chips in the future.

Apparently, Apple is working on delivering a high-quality Mac OS Snow Leopard experience comprising of a good OpenCL implementation. This will assist in using GPUs for non-graphics application for common multimedia activities generally performed by Mac users. It is seen that the company has always used multiple vendors.

Reportedly, ATI is now offering OpenCL drivers to its partners and being the first one to launch DX11 implementation, the company has given an additional reason for Apple to change to ATI.

The Core i7 chips for laptops are expected to launch in the second half of 2009.