Apple Remote App version 2.1 augments mobile experience

Apple Remote App

This new offering will enable iPhone owners to completely immerse themselves in an enriched music experience using the enticing multi-touch display. Well, Apple has released its updated Apple Remote app version 2.1.

Users can flawlessly control iTunes and Apple TV using their iPhone over Wi-Fi network, and select playlists, songs and albums as per their liking. The app enables individuals to easily change a song, pick a playlist or quickly browse through their entire music collection without any interruption. Additionally, iPhone owners can use the QWERTY keypad to conveniently tap out the title, play, fast forward, rewind and pause.

The app has been optimized to benefit from the vibrant retina display on the iPhone 4. Besides creating and editing playlists in iTunes, individuals can create and update Genius playlists. The app enables iTunes to send music to AirPlay speakers and accordingly control the volume. Apart from all this, owners can manage shared libraries on iTunes and the latest Apple TV.

The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.