Apple compared to Hitler by Chinese tech firm CEO as part of bizarre new campaign

Jia Yueting, CEO of the Chinese online entertainment company known as LeTV, described Apple as Hitler in an official post published on social networking site Weibo. The cartoon takes a swipe rather brazenly at the iOS manufacturer’s business model and shows the Android OS in good light ahead of the tech company’s smartphone launch.

The provocative cartoon depicts the Nazi dictator giving the infamous Seig Heil salute on one side of the picture. The armband that normally has the swastika is replaced by the Apple logo with barricade tape behind the notorious ruler. In contrast, on the other side of the satirical sketch are a few smiling children meant to represent the Android OS in front of a back drop of sun and windmills.

The Verge, differentiates the two OS’ as ‘Crowdsourced, freedom vs arrogance, tyranny’. Yueting questions the quality of innovation of the Tim Cook-led company and alleges that developers all around the globe have a love-hate relationship with the iOS. He further claims Apple to be on the decline and suggests that the closed system approach used by this company is a hindrance to progress and technological advancement, and does not uphold the interest of its consumers.

Whatever the intention of the Chinese tech company, the Weibo post by the CEO of LeTV admonishing Apple as ‘Hitler’ will certainly attract attention, good and bad. Well, as the popular saying goes, ‘All publicity is good publicity’.