Apple iPad and iPhone dressed up for a balmy holiday

Zazzle iPhone iPad Cases

Fancy dressing up the iPad or iPhone in some tropical colors while holidaying at the beach house, if not Hawaii? Drive Industries Design Group is now vending their Hawaiian-themed Apple iPhone and iPad devices through their Zazzle online store.

The vibrant graphics on these protective cases have been digitally printed onto the surface. The designs translate into Hawaiiana artwork that derives the inspiration from pareau prints, tropical flowers, surfboards and old-fashioned surf patterns.

The company has crafted more than two hundred iPhone and iPad cases around this theme and had joined hands with case manufacturer, Speck Products, over the production of the custom cases. Each of the hard shell cases are sold in two pieces, along with the printed fabric backing for comfortable use.

It’s $43.85 for iPhone cases and $54.85 for the iPad cases on the Zazzle site. They come with interesting names like Makole Hibiscus Floral, Aloha Hawaii Tropical Print, Epic Hibiscus Floral, Sugar Shack Hawaiian Print that could put anyone in mind of warm beaches, suntan, surf boards, or pineapples maybe.